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Active cell therapy, also known as deep diathermy…

Active cell therapy, also known as deep diathermy, is a highly effective therapeutic tool with enormous benefits. Similar effects have never been obtained by cosmetic devices in so few sessions.
The mechanism of action of this system is the generation of temperature from within the tissue. This thermal increase is due to ion exchange.
The proper mobilization of ions at the tissue level balances the electrical potential in the tissues, recovering their optimal activity through three effects: biostimulation, vascularization and hyper-activation (it is not produced by a molecular friction as in the case of microwaves). Its foundation is the application of a specific frequency of 448 Khz.
The integration of this radiofrequency called Proionic System is applied by electrodes (capacitive and resistive) that allow to select areas of the body superficial or deep. The cells recover their natural function: the elasticity is recovered, the fat disappears, oxygen flows better … the skin rejuvenates and revives.
The sensation perceived by the user is of heat; Sweet and pleasant heat or more intense heat, as appropriate in every situation.
INDIBA Deep Beauty gets the body to “repair itself”, or, rather, with help, but starting from its own regeneration. That is why it is so natural and safe. The results are visible from the first session. We continue working to bring the best and most advanced technology to our centre.
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– Relief and well-being (improvement from the first session)
– Stimulates tissue regeneration
– Stimulates metabolic activity, especially the generation of collagen
– Promotes healing
– Improves blood circulation and increases oxygenation in the area

– Pregnancy
– Step markers
– Insuline bomb

“Seek peace for your mind and you will get health for your body.”
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