Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a technique of very slow and gentle maneuvers, totally painless…

Lymphatic drainage is a technique of very slow and gentle maneuvers, totally painless, very pleasant and relaxing that can be done in all parts of the body.

Promotes fluid removal while helping maintain the immune system. In addition, it activates the circulation and improves the appearance of the skin

It is used to remove liquids and waste substances through the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is a similar system and parallel to the blood system that collects the fluid that is not absorbed by the venous system (15% of the total). It consists of organs (tonsils, thymus, spleen, medulla and ganglia) and lymphatic vessels. Its main functions are: transport nutrients and lymphocytes (cells needed for antibody production), collect waste products from the whole organism, filter the entry of germs and produce lymphocytes.

The lymph is made up of water, mineral salts, fat molecules, lymphocytes and elements of the immune system, cell debris, dead bacteria and waste particles that will eventually be eliminated through the urine.

The immune system can be altered for several reasons and then we will use lymphatic drainage to try to reestablish it. There may be congenital insufficiency or secondary to trauma, surgery, inflammation, compression by tumors or neighboring elements, etc.

Lymph circulation can also be altered by other factors such as sedentary lifestyle, excessive heat, wear too tight clothing, postural disorders, pregnancy, obesity overweight, varicose veins and long-term venous insufficiencies, infectious processes, hormonal conditions or metabolic, etc.

Lymphatic system malfunction causes fluid to accumulate in the interstitial area (space between cells) and produces what we call edema (edema can be of venous or lymphatic origin). When the alteration that produces the edema is of the lymphatic system is called lymphedema.

Where we most often apply lymphatic drainage is in lymphedema, but once seen the possible causes of alteration of the lymphatic system we see that this technique also has other indications such as: skin conditions, alterations of fat tissue, cellulite, pre and post surgery, relaxation, neurosedante, insomnia, pregnancy edema and premenstrual syndrome, posttraumatic edema, headache, migraine, etc.

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