Therapeutic / Sport Massage

Massages provide multiple functions serving the body and wellbeing …

Therapeutic/Sport Massage is a manual therapy designed to produce a series of physiological reactions controlling the musculoskeletal and/or other systems of the body, leading to therapeutic relief of the individual. The massage can be considered as a technique, an art or even a science, since it involves medical, biological and psychological questions… massage can help relax muscles, relieve pain and help to induce sleep.
Massages fulfil multiple functions serving the body and well-being.
There is therapeutic massage (to improve circulation, help restore mobility and reduce disease), physiological massage (to relieve fatigue), sports massage (prepare athletes for the competition), relaxing massage (offer comfort and regulate stress) and preventive massages (to relax tense areas that can result in an injury, etc.)

“Take care of yourself, you are the garden that grows within you.”
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